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Transforming food shopping and dining

Technology is giving savvy food retailers an edge. Learn more about our disruptive innovations.

Modernizing food retail. Again.

Consumers today have countless fresh food options. That means food retailers and restaurants must continually transform their customer experience and increase efficiency. With leading refrigeration and merchandising solutions from our Hussmann division, we’re making it easier for shoppers to put a great meal on the table. And when they want to eat out, we’re making that simpler, too, with end-to-end restaurant solutions for front and back of house. See all the ways we’re building on our decades-long expertise to change the industry all over again.

Products & Solutions

Engineered to keep food fresher longer, Hussmann food retail solutions set the standard for quality refrigeration and food safety, as well as energy savings and sustainability.
mass merch
Today, food retailers need to tailor their in-store experience to appeal to their most important customer segments. We help them create custom merchandising solutions to stand apart.
High-power, customizable, space-saving appliances designed for easy prep, fast, delicious results and convenient cleanup.
Hussmann Smart Lockers
Hussmann’s Smart Exchange Lockers offer contactless pick up and keep foods fresh with three temperature zones: ambient for perishable goods, medium temp for refrigerated items and low temp for frozen foods.

Fast-paced quick service restaurants (QSRs) count on our industry-leading solutions, such as rugged, hybrid TOUGHBOOK® devices for POS and back office, and self-service kiosks.

Why Panasonic

Food Service

Learn more about our disruptive technologies for Food Retail

Where is the food retail industry headed? Who’s making the best use of today’s technology? How are Panasonic and Hussmann changing business for the better? Get the answers in our five-minute eBook. 


Enhancing the experience for your customers

A better experience attracts more patrons. But how can you deliver that experience and optimize retail or restaurant performance? Increasingly, the key will be technology. Data analytics to personalize each shopper’s experience. Ecommerce integration to increase customer convenience. IoT, AI and automation to predict guest behavior and enhance operational efficiencies. A bold new future awaits. At Panasonic, we’re ready.

77% of food retail decision makers fear competitors are moving ahead if they fail to adopt disruptive technologies

Hussmann: 100+ years and still innovating

The Hussmann name has long been synonymous with top-quality refrigeration, state-of-the-art display cases and food retail solutions. Now, backed by the breadth of Panasonic’s technological capabilities, we’re delivering the next generation of customer-focused solutions and transforming food retail from the mega-store to the mini-mart.

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Data and IoT: The next evolution in food retail

The future will bring new opportunities to streamline the online shopping experience as well as the physical one. We’re innovating in both areas. For example, our refrigerated and freezer lockers allow online food purchases to be picked up at retail, giving customers a convenient new option while minimizing logistical hurdles for businesses.

In stores, our electronic shelf labels can capture an abundance of shopper data. Applying Hussmann analytics, retailers can automate and increase the accuracy of their shelf stocking and better manage their product mix, merchandising and in-store marketing.

90-95% reduction in greenhouse gases compared to typical systems

Expertise in delivering energy savings

Energy consumption is both a cost and a sustainability issue for our customers. That’s why Hussmann provides comprehensive planning services to help. We not only work with stores and utilities to reduce energy usage, we assist in securing utility rebates for our retail customers.

Our commercial refrigeration technology is helping to preserve the planet, too. Hussmann’s microDS solution, for instance, uses natural refrigerants that can reduce greenhouse gases by 90–95% compared to typical systems using HFC refrigerant. It’s a significant technological breakthrough for businesses – and the world all around us.

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Enhancing the guest experience at restaurants

As a valued food service technology partner to top QSR brands for 35 years, Panasonic is in virtually every part of today’s restaurant. With digital signage at the drive-thru, POS systems at the counter, appliances in the kitchen and software in the back office, we’re uniquely equipped to bring it all together.

Our cloud-based ClearConnect™ solution, for example, drives efficiency and increases customer satisfaction by delivering critical real-time data – on sales (through POS, mobile apps and devices), labor, inventory, vendor orders and even food prep from sensor data in appliances. Through predictive analytics and AI, managers get a whole new line of sight into their operations.

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Creating a better world

We’re working with the food retail industry to bring about many positive changes, including:

  • Helping customers develop more energy-efficient stores
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions by using natural refrigerants
  • Creating advanced refrigeration training programs for younger workers
  • Providing equipment to an organic farm that supports underprivileged residents
  • Supporting the Tim Horton Children’s Foundation and the Make-A-Wish® Foundation

Case Studies

DQ exterior
Across its restaurants, this Texas franchisee is ¬using Panasonic kiosks to drive checks that are 35–40% higher than at the counter or drive-thru. And customers love them.
mcdonalds  case study
It can be a challenge to manage data across multiple locations. Our HR and inventory management solutions helped this franchisee reduce operating costs by 2% on average.
mary browns chicken
Upgrading to our POS and Clearview back-office software enabled this chain to feed its expansion plans. Service improved as well, with order prep starting 20 seconds sooner.

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