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warehouse shelves

Warehousing services

Reliable. Knowledgeable. Safe.

Panasonic Logistics Solutions develops 3PL value-added services tailored to the needs of our clients, facilitating operations through services that include pick & pack, e-commerce, quality inspections and much more.

Whether in the US or Mexico, we provide warehousing services to meet any need for storage and handling of merchandise.

Keep costs down with Vendor-Managed Inventory

Our clients that supply the maquiladora industry save money on taxes, shipping costs, time, and more through Vendor-Managed Inventory (VMI) at our IMMEX-licensed facility (maquila de servicios). VMI allows you to optimize inventory in Mexico by temporarily importing raw materials, parts and components on a tax-free basis – avoiding border-crossing delays and getting inventory to your maquiladora clients on time.

Leverage our IMMEX license and expertise and focus on what matters most to your business operations – all while having the peace of mind that comes with knowing your supply chain meets every compliance standard.

And we’ll even take care of coordinating transportation and delivery.

Warehouse locations designed for efficiency

With our bonded warehouse in the United States, Panasonic Logistics can receive and store your in-bond shipments, tax and duty free. From there, you manage your inventory, giving instructions for revisions, repacking, and distribution according to your requirements.

Our other warehouse locations – close to the US-Mexico border – allow our clients to reduce supply chain costs via reduced lead times, reduced damage potential and significant savings in transportation costs.