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Cirrus by Panasonic

Cirrus 2.0

With advanced roadway insights, seamless integration and two-way communication. For state DOTs and Fleet Operators seeking V2X technologies that improve roadway mobility and help save lives.

Unpredictable traffic variables create issues that impact us all: longer commutes, more pollution, higher fuel costs and - worst of all - traffic fatalities.

At Panasonic, we work hand-in-hand with colleagues across the transportation industry to address these issues with vehicle-to-everything (V2X) technology. The Cirrus by Panasonic connected vehicle platform provides the tools to enhance mobility, resulting in improved safety, lower emissions, reduced congestion and more efficient transit and emergency vehicle operations.

Since its introduction in 2018, Cirrus has been embraced by a growing number of transportation agencies and is recognized as the most innovative and trusted V2X mobility system in North America. Delivered as a scalable Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, Cirrus offers a flexible, secure, standards-based digital architecture for mobility management, roadway safety and communication between vehicles, the road and everything that touches it.


Discover how our Cirrus platform is empowering transit agencies, municipalities and commercial fleets with intelligent transportation solutions designed for the connected vehicle era.

First responders

Enabling traffic signal priority for first responder vehicles reduces travel time to incidents, improves driver and public safety by minimizing the “conflict surface” for collisions in intersections, and supports response time commitments for agencies facing increased traffic congestion. V2X solutions are built on open national standards, making it easy to add use cases at any time for right-sized deployments.

Infrastructure owner-operators

Transportation agencies often have a range of technology solutions that need to be better integrated to deliver clear outcomes. The Cirrus V2X Platform offers a scalable, cloud-based approach to managing the connected vehicle ecosystem. From data to devices, Cirrus connects traffic management tools together to deliver clarity of operations and confidence of results.

Fleet managers

Cirrus by Panasonic provides modern tools like freight priority at traffic signals, offering a virtual “express lane” for freight in key locations such as outside a warehouse or at a port to make sure trucks can meet their delivery goals in a safe and efficient manner. Our expertise working with departments of transportation means carriers don’t need to deal with complicated paperwork or long project timelines to access these benefits.

Transit agencies

Transit signal priority helps keep routes on time, every time. Coupled with advanced business logic and complete data analytics tools, transit operations find improved schedule reliability, increased ridership, improved safety and more clarity about performance.

Why Panasonic?

Cirrus by Panasonic Applications

Cirrus is designed as a scalable and extensible cloud architecture that can support a wide range of transportation data and device management functions. The following applications are available to users of the platform - and more are being developed with our partners on an ongoing basis.

connected intersections
Deliver priority and preemption to critical fleets like first responders, transit, snow plows or freight vehicles - and get deep insights so you know your deployment is working like it should.
You’ve deployed connected vehicle hardware - now what? Are your devices working? Are they connected and broadcasting? Are they having the desired impact? Cirrus gives you that clarity.
Quickly and accurately set up and enroll hardware devices to your ecosystem through a friendly user interface - with no need for complex command line knowledge.
Derive insights from your traffic operations data to help improve decision making. Predictive analytics across V2X and Telematics data help you understand conditions facing the driving public or your fleets.
The Cirrus by Panasonic data community gives agencies affordable access to collaborative data solutions, empowering stakeholders to utilize existing information to bring more value to the public.
Freight congestion can impact economic growth. Build community engagement, improve the freight utilization of existing transportation networks and ensure commercial resiliency for logistics systems.

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